How should be the end-time Church?
Among other things:
They should exalt God the Father and God the Son with the Holy Spirit’s guidance.
Aim to have two or three or more pastors, as well as Senior Pastor.
Knowing that they are living in the "last days" Acts 2:16-21, Revelation 22:12.
Must have a great love and passion for saving the lost.
The priority should be evangelism and prayer.
Every believer should be a multiplier to bring new people to the church.
Efforts should be seeking the lost and the respective monitoring and care in order to remain in the church. This should be a priority.
Must have a vision of conquest prevailing thinking believers who are God’s warriors and conquerors. Being brave and courageous. In thinking that you see are eternal babies must be constantly attended. That mentality must change. They should also leave all laziness and indifference to work for God.
They must use the media (Radio, TV) to take the gospel secular everybody in a more rapid and effective. It should raise intercessors to pray constantly to God for this, and it is very important to invest money to evangelize and spread the Kingdom of God by the media.
Emphasis should be given and ensure that all believers are baptized in the Holy Spirit to do the work of God in power. Acts 1:8, 2:4.
Then occur as normal and constant, miracles, signs and healings.
Every believer should know that Christ lives in them. 1 John 5:11-13, Galatians 2:20
They should know that they are saved and cared for Jesus and God the Father, and nothing and no one can separate from his hand and his love. 10:27:30 John, Romans 8:33-39.
Must be treasures in heaven and not only search the things of the earth.
They should have an intensive discipleship, concrete and direct it to last a year or two at most. Eg "Bases of Christianity" and thereby teach the disciples "whole counsel of God." Must be theoretical and practical. As Jesus did with his disciples.
They pray and produce many workers to harvest the Lord, serve and disciple new. 2 Timothy 2:2.
Teaching "Give what you already have" (the power and authority of God etc) other: Acts 3:6, 9:34, Romans 15:18-20, and be valiant men and women.
Having a powerful ministry of deliverance from demons and spiritual bondage and have people trained for it. When people have "ties" spiritual not understand and do not receive all that God has for them, so they must first be "free indeed." Before sowing the word of God in them, many need (if you want) to be healed and released. Expelling them demonic oppression and all spiritual bondage (call traumas, complexes, hatred, resentment, unforgiveness, sexual problems, laziness, low self esteem etc, etc.). For other cases must be Christian psychologists or physicians with human wisdom and God and filled with the Holy Spirit.
It should convey a spirit of victory because Christ has overcome, and nothing is impossible with God and believers must instill stop laziness, self-pity, the offenses, the desire to be always aided and Rise in name of Jesus! warriors and become useful for eternal work and instead of being bored and wasting time, use it in the best way, asking the Lord strength and courage to do his work, that will last for eternity.
They should be taught not to waste your only life.
The Churches of late must have a strong praise and worship with musicians full of the Spirit and know minister with the guidance of the Spirit, to bring the presence of God and the congregation meetings.
You can have a music school.
They must have a very good teaching and revelation of God’s word for both big people and for young people and children. Ezra 7:10. With wise teachers in the word of God.
They must have a powerful ministry to children and should be a special education for them and they must win others, be filled with the Holy Spirit, preaching, lay hands etc.
Same with women. They have the same Holy Spirit in them and is the same as did Paul, Peter, John, etc., etc.. The Holy Spirit has no gender and women can be greatly used by God (in subjection to your senior pastor or delegate).
Christians are taught to serve every believer but not obligation, nor condemnation, but out of love for God, his work and the people.
They must care for and evangelize people by house meetings, small groups or houses of peace (or any other name), but this is a good way for everyone to work and to participate in the Lord’s work and involve the whole church in the task to win souls and build them. 2 Timothy 2:2, Acts 5:42.
Not everyone will be in the pulpit, or serving in the temple, but any believer can win many outside it, (the temple) is where the lost.
It can make a meeting anywhere and if you can come whet many churches attached to one main, where the person who can be won to Christ pastor in securing their future pastor of the mother church.
For that we have a manual for such meetings.
Prayer and intercession must be the basis of everything, (both personal and communal).
Everything is accomplished through prayer, see Jesus in Matthew telling his disciples to pray that God (or the same) send more workers for the harvest. (Meditate on this).
Also keep social work as God guide each church and for different believers called to attend and want to get involved. Ex "food basket" or "wardrobe" to help the needy.
They should know that the pastors are not entitled to do everything and there is a job for every believer and a different position for each in the body of Christ. Ephesians 4:11-16.
The church is a team that works together (leaving the unimportant things … like jealousy, fighting, desire to be recognized etc) for the Kingdom of Heaven and win battles for the Lord Jesus against the hosts of evil that seek to bring people to eternal hell. We are to "Father’s business."
The church should be a refuge and emotional and spiritual comfort to people, a hospital for sinners, a training center for Christian warriors and a "club" meeting, friendship, entertainment, fellowship and companionship for the lonely . It should ask God for wisdom for this and for the activities to be performed.
The Church must have a well-organized government structure, with a senior pastor, several pastors and assistants in charge of different areas or ministries of the church. Which should meet regularly and monitor activities to correct what is malfunctioning or advise how to improve it.
They must have a team of intercessors for spiritual authorities or pastoral group.
Churches should be financially successful in giving to God what is God’s and thus have more capacity to help and be more effective in their work and with greater range. This must be the result of focusing on what matter most to God or your priorities, then God bless you with his abundance.
God’s priorities are the salvation of souls, missions (opening of new works), support of the Servants of God, teaching, etc helps the needy.
The church is the beloved of Jesus and is a pillar and bulwark of truth gives. Ephesians 5:25-32, 1 Timothy 3:15.
The church should be a wonderful blessing for the whole city and you should be part of it!
Preacher Gustavo Isbert

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