My people, open your eyes to what I’m doing, know that I who am sending people around the world to you, to you, I speak my word and they are born again and my children.
They are coming motivated by other things such as prosperity, peace, freedom, and many others, but I want you to know that I’m bringing to this country that knows me and my salvation, but lives as “asleep and blind” which speak to conquer the world for me, but do not recognize what I’m doing to her.
I am sending people around the world (many of them desperate) to heal and transform that into my children.
Even many of my servants “bother them” these people and I want to serve but do not realize that I’m sending you the. Many of them that I am sending my servants are shepherds and, in the United States should be prepared with love and respect, that they may serve me, and many of them will send them as missionaries, either their own or other countries.
My servants and my people from USA: recognize what I’m doing and try to love all those who sent you, but now many of them are not my children and have many faults and sins. But I put on my people of USA load and give them the order to save them, disciple them and send them and treating them with love and understanding. I judge and I am angry with those who are indifferent to foreigners.
I am also sending my servants who speak Spanish (and other languages) that for years have wrought in their countries for help you in this great work that will shake the world and is part of the final revival. Acknowledge them and support them! For I the Lord have sent you and allánenle roads, that they may serve me better, because I will judge my shepherd and sheep who are blind to what I’m doing, but greatly bless those dealing well to my children that I am sending foreigners, who are my overall finish time and will be in charge of preparing my children overseas to serve me as I send them.
Word of God given to Gustavo Isbert on February 4, 2013 at 9:40 PM

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