Christian social action, of which so much is said today, is reduced, in short, to the action of Christians in the world wherever you are. It is assumed that the church as an organization becomes a factor of political power, but Christians should be interested in politics, and bring their beliefs with them. The church, as an organization, should not directly intervene in disputes between capital and labor, but Christians who are leaders in the field of labor and capital, be involved with his convictions when confrontations arise from the two fields. The trader who is in Christ, he will try to treat their employees like Christ and Christian employees will perform their work day as Jesus would. The basis of a true "social action" is to act as the premise established in 1 John 4:17: "… as he is, so are we in this world."
In the company of the whole family must participate cooperate with God’s work even on a broader basis, helping to support the mission field, helping the local church projects, etc.. Of course, we have the Lord who will direct us in all these things, but that the "wait on the Lord" does not become an excuse for doing nothing. The make is a vital part of our life and Christian witness.
Partnering with God. The word cooperate means simply "work together", and Scripture tells us that God wants us to be partners with him. (1 Corinthians 3:9, 2 Corinthians 6:1.) All this means that while God created us as free beings, he is awaiting our collaboration to introduce their love to the world.
The Lord Jesus did not write books, but most important of all the world’s books written about him, never traveled more than a few miles from his birthplace, and yet devised a plan to reach the most remote parts of the world . After cleaning of his sins, his followers filled with love, joy and power of God, and sent them to shed that joy, that love and that power over others and tell them that they too could be forgiven and filled with the glory and power of God. In this consists the good news, the Gospel, and those who hear and accept it as part of God’s people, the Church.
It is a remarkably effective method, because if a person receives Christ today, while receiving a higher power to witness receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and am helping other two to receive, ensuring that these are also baptized into e1 Holy Spirit, and in turn those two people reach four in the subsequent days, and win those four to eight, and continued in that geometric progression, in a month, ie in thirty-one days have reached and won for the Kingdom of God! billion people!
This extraordinary multiplication would occur in the event that every Christian won only two people to God throughout their lives. As you would imagine, a Christian who has the power of God should pray for the opportunity to witness for Christ every day, so that during its existence hundreds of people were won to Christ
This is the principle on which it was based Jesus to reach the world: each person telling others, and they, in turn, to other, until they are millions who are filled with the glory of God in all the corners of earth. This action plan has been launched again and again, and then failed due to infidelity already forgetful of man, and the confusion and diversions caused by the enemy. But failure is largely because the message was transmitted only partially: forgiveness without power. Today. however, is again proclaimed the "full gospel" not only the essential fact that God forgives and loves his people, but in doing so he gave power to win others. God’s plan is that millions of men and women, and even children, worldwide, are bearers of his message of love, forgiveness, healing and power for all mankind. We are living in the era of the revival of the church, and it is so exciting! Around the world people are discovering how wonderful it is to talk to others about Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, and we know that God’s plan will not fail! It may well be that the last revival before the coming of the Lord. We hope and pray that this book will help many to cooperate with God and as sons and collaborators we filled, to overflowing, with great joy.

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